I remember Dozi when he was doing a one man band, which is quite some time ago, before everyone knew his name. I went up and did a guest spot.
Dozi is an accomplished guitarist with a tricky style to try and follow.
This I learned when making these backing tracks for Protrax (details on contact page)

Blues medley - There are four songs in this Dozi medley, starting with "Blueberry Hill" then "If I said you had a beautiful body" followed by "Somewhere between (your heart and mine)" and ending with "Before you accuse me".
The medley is just shy of 8 minutes long.
Dobbelstene Unlike some of my backing tracks, this one features live bass guitar as well.
Ek dink aan jou
Fire medley - This medley is just shy of 9 minutes long.
Grassade in die wind
Jan asseblief tog squeeze my
Joey - This is pretty much a 12 bar blues progression. Fun to jam to.
Ma se song - I had this down as "Song vir Ma", so this may have slipped under the radar for a while.
Madala se baaisiekel (Bicycle)
Maybe my  baby
Ou ryperd
Staan net 'n bietjie stil
Tussen jou en my - This song also features live bass guitar. I've done the demo so that one can hear the transition into the bass as well.

Apart from these Dozi backing tracks, there are 10 more on the catalogue not done by me.
You'll find them at Protrax's online store. Just use the search function and type in the Artist field "Dozi" here.

Dozi backing tracks - Back tracks

Backing tracks by Andrew Webber - Music without lyrics. updated 08-05-2016