Juanita Du Plessis backtracks listed here are a small sample of what's available.
This is my own small list of Juanita Du Plessis backing tracks.
The rest can be found at Protrax (Details are on the "Contact" page) and were made by other programmers working for Protrax.

A letter to Daddy
Adijy Adijou
Bly by my
Bongo man
Bring jou hart
Dis net jy
Dis waar ek wil wees
n Duisend Soene
Dum dum
Ek en jy
Glo my

God bless the child

This song was arranged by a friend of mine, Ivan.
Hey there hi there
Hoeka Toeka Keurspel
I'll show you what's right
I'm crazy for you
In my hart
Jy Is
Kan jy nie
Kyk Die Lewe In die oe
Kyknet Country

Nader Aan Jou
Patayo keurspel
Pussycat medley
Ruiter Van Die Windjie Keurspel
Somewhere Between
(A duet with Juanita Du Plessis and Steve Hofmeyr)
Teenage Queenie
You're my mate medley

Juanita Du Plessis backing tracks ie Backtracks

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