Backing tracks | Instrumental versions

A good while back, somewhere in the year 1991, I bought my first keyboard and music sequencer.
Since then I've had the unenviable task of providing backing tracks to vocalists, one man bands, schools and various other musicians and music endeavors.

The reason I say the task was unenviable is partly due to the fact that I am a guitarist first and a keyboard player last. I'm also way too meticulous.
Nevertheless, I am proud of most of what I've done with backings so far.
Not all, but most.

Most of the commercial backing tracks I've made have been for professional singers, schools and various solo artists like one man bands, etc.
This website is predominantly to highlight the work I've done in this area and list the tracks by name and (where possible) artist.

Here's what Music Without Lyrics has to offer:

Music without the main vocals - Backing music in mp3 or on audio CD.
The backing tracks are created by remaking everything.
There is no music manipulation software used to magically remove the vocals from the track.

Everything is a brand new recording of all the instrumentation.
Technically, an instrumental version of the song.

Unfortunately, while other studios may have taken my tracks and recorded backing vocals, I don't do that myself and none of my demonstration examples feature backing vocals.

Song lyrics - What part of the phrase "Music Without Lyrics" don't you understand? Just kidding, but I personally don't do that, cos I figure by the time you want to sing a song you've got the lyrics pretty much down.
Anyway, my website is called Music Without Lyrics.

What I'm doing here is cataloguing my own work in the backing track industry over the last 20 odd years. I'm still in the process.

Some backing track demos

Created by Andrew Webber - Music without lyrics. updated 05 November 2017
I suppose here's a good place to mention how the song listings on this site work.
By clicking on the song title, a demo mp3 should open up in a little window with an audio player, from which 30 seconds of the backing track should play automatically

By clicking outside the box the player should close and you can select a new demo to listen to.
Sometimes the playback may stutter. This is easily remedied by rewinding the player back to the beginning and listening again.
This is not a problem with the backing track itself, just the playback software on your computer.

The Demos
Blue Night by Michael learns to rock.
With this song I created my own drum kit using soundfonts, which I managed to isolate some individual drum sounds for from the original drum intro.
Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson.
Could It Be Any Harder by The Calling.
This backing track has two drum tracks playing simultaneously, which gives greater dynamic feel to the backing.
Dangerous by Roxette.
Does Your Mamma Know by Abba.
Nice to know Abba had a rock side to their music as well.
Don't Need The Sun To Shine by Gabrielle.
Everybody Hurts by The Corrs.
Everywhere by Michelle Branch
Here I Am by Brian Adams
Higher by Creed
Holding On To Love by Shania Twain
How Long by Mark Knopfler

All the demos on are encoded at 96 Kbps mp3 format, however, when purchased the tracks will be downloadable at 192 Kbps.

The only reason I've downgraded them here is because of the extra bandwidth they save. This helps both you and I.